Translucent Laminated

White coloured glass range designed for light diffusion providing a level of privacy screening.


A range of white coloured interlayers as a laminated glass form is available offering different levels of privacy screening and diffusion of incoming light. Three white colours are available from standard white translucent (Arctic Snow) and Cool White with medium to high light transmission respectively to a very low light transmittance, almost opaque but crisp, Polar White. Other non-white colours also available on application.

Arctic Snow (Std Translucent offer)paginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
Polar Whitepaginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
Cool Whitepaginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
  • Option of products with different light transmissions;
  • Available as a Grade “A” Laminated or tempered laminated safety glass;
  • Ideal for privacy screens, windows and doors.

Residential and commercial glazing.

6.38mm/10.38mm White Translucent (Arctic Snow) as basic stock offering

Sizes 2440mm x 3660mm.

Other thicknesses and sizes including Cool White and Polar White on application.

For frameless applications or edges exposed to moisture or weathering a degree of edge delamination is expected to occur and reference should be made to our warranty conditions.

  • Select either Arctic Snow (Std White Translucent), Cool White or Polar White colours;
  • Glass thickness 6.38mm to 25.52mm;
  • Single annealed laminated, toughened and heat strengthened laminated or IGU;
  • All glass to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively to the following Australian Standards;

AS 1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

AS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS 4666 Insulating glass units

AS/NZS 4667 Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass

AS 1170 Wind & Structural Design Actions


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