paginate-filter-picture5mm Grey glass

Tinted Glass

Entry level solar control glass.


Tinted or toned glass provides a greater degree of solar control when compared to single clear glass. Tinted glass works by absorbing the sun’s direct heat energy (like a dark coloured shirt on a warm day) with re-radiation and convection through air movement drawing away the heat build-up in the glass.

5mm Grey glasspaginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
6mm SuperGrey glasspaginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
6mm Dark Grey glasspaginate-filter-pictureNational Glass
National Glass
  • Solar control function by reducing the sun’s direct heat energy through the glass;
  • Reduces glare and improves daytime privacy;
  • Tint or tone is an integral part of the glass and cannot be removed.

Residential and commercial glazing to meet energy requirements.

4/5/6/8/10/12mm Grey

5/6mm Dark Grey

6mm SuperGrey™

5/6mm Green

6mm Dark Blue

6mm Bronze

Thermal Breakage – the thicker the tinted glass, the darker the appearance and colour becomes. As the thickness increases, the glass absorbs more heat and as a result can be prone to thermal breakage if glazed in annealed float. Toughening or heat strengthening will prevent these breakages.

Glass edges – before glazing, annealed float glass edges must be ’good’ straight and clean cut with minimal defects. Under no circumstances should glass be glazed with damaged edges.

  • Select either Grey, Dark Grey, SuperGrey™, Green, Dark Blue or Bronze Glass;
  • Select appropriate thickness and process;
  • Single or IGU and either Toughened, Toughened Heat Soaked, Heat Strengthened, Laminated or Annealed.
  • All glass to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively to the following Australian Standards;

AS 1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

AS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS 4666 Insulating glass units

AS/NZS 4667 Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass

AS 1170 Wind & Structural Design Actions


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