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Impact resistant glazing system for cyclonic and severe storm events.


Stormsafe is a Grade “A” laminated safety glass that provides protection against impacts from projectiles and debris. This special laminated glass has undergone and passed debris impact testing per AS/NZ 1170.2 Section 2.5.8. This test simulates the effect of impact on glass with frame and involves firing a 4kg timber projectile from a cannon at a specified speed and velocity.

  • Primarily designed for cyclonic regions of Australia;
  • Provides added protection against high wind pressures;
  • Grade “A” laminated safety glass.

Residential and commercial glazing.

Available in 14mm and 17mm thickness

For more information refer to our Technical Staff

  • Select Stormsafe Laminated Grade A Safety Glass.
  • Select either Stormsafe 14 or Stormsafe 17;
  • All glass to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively to the following Australian Standards;

AS 1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

AS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS 4666 Insulating glass units

AS/NZS 4667 Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass

AS 1170 Wind & Structural Design Actions


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