One Way Laminated Mirror

For discrete observation in privacy and security applications.


7.38mm CS108 One Way Laminated Mirror is ideal for surveillance, security and where discreet observation is required. A successful application requires a brightly lit subject side and a darker observation side with the correct use of lighting and is best suited for internal windows.

  • Privacy and security applications;
  • Available as a Grade “A” safety laminated glass or tempered laminated safety glass.

Residential and commercial glazing.

7.38mm minimum thickness. Other thicknesses on application.

Sizes 2440mm x 3660mm.

Following guidelines are recommended for successful application.

  • Not suited for external windows;

  • Glaze the more reflective surface to the subject side;

  • Lighting must be maximised on the subject side to a ratio of 7:1 and lighting must not shine directly on the glass;

  • Lighting in the observers room must be kept away from the glazing. Any windows, doorways etc in the observers room that may emit light, must be prevented from doing so;

  • Walls, floors and furnishings on observation side to be dark and subdued colours.

It is possible to use 7.38mm CS108 in applications where daylight brightness is much greater than internal lighting levels as the reflectivity of the glass makes it difficult to look in. However, when the lighting conditions change when day becomes night with internal lights turned on, the situation is now reversed making it easy to see in and making it hard to see out. If 7.38mm CS108 is used in external windows, a thermal assessment should be undertaken to determine risk of thermal heat breakage.

  • Select 7.38mm CS108 One Way Laminated Mirror;
  • Single annealed laminated or 9.52mm tempered laminated;
  • All glass to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively to the following Australian Standards;

AS 1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

AS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS 4666 Insulating glass units

AS/NZS 4667 Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass

AS 1170 Wind & Structural Design Actions


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