Energy Efficiency


Sunergy® glass is a toned low-E coated glass, combining improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.

No need to sacrifice natural daylight

Sunergy’s unique coating acts like a filter, blocking out the sun’s direct energy whilst maintaining a high level of natural daylight. The same coating helps to reflect heat back into the building on cold days.

This means better energy control with lower cooling and heating costs. Sunergy® glass also has a low visual reflectance with a lower level of haze compared to other low-E coated glass products on the market.


Glazing Type

  • Single monolithic
  • Laminated
  • Insulated Glass
  • Insulated Glass with laminated glass

Performance Swipe icon

Single MonolithicU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
6mm Sunergy® Neutral4.10.6068
6mm Sunergy® Grey4.10.4334
6mm Sunergy® Green4.10.4256


Laminated U-valueSHGCVisible Light %
 6.38mm Sunergy® Neutral 4.10.5867
 6.38mm Sunergy® Grey 4.10.4432


Insulated GlassU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
6mm Sunergy® Neutral / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.90.5160
6mm Sunergy® Grey / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.90.3330
6mm Sunergy® Green / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.90.3350


Insulated Glass with laminated glassU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
6.38mm Sunergy® Neutral / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.90.5160
6.38mm Sunergy® Grey / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.90.3429

Visual Options

  • Neutral
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Azur