Energy Efficiency

SOL-R™ Low-E Coated Glass

SOL-R™ low-E coated glass for improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.

Options for different climates

The SOL-R™ Clear range balances high levels of natural light transmission with improved thermal insulation providing a brighter and more comfortable interior space. For requirements where solar control is most important, SOL-R™ Grey, Neutral, Green or Blue options will lower the SHGC whilst maintaining moderate levels of natural day light transmission depending on selection.

Glazing Type

  • Single monolithic
  • Laminated
  • Insulated Glass
  • Insulated Glass with laminated glass

Performance Swipe icon

Single MonolithicU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
4mm SOL-R Clear 733.80.7382
6mm SOL-R Clear 703.70.7081
6mm SOL-R Neutral 533.70.5360


6.38mm SOL-R Clear 733.60.7383
6.38mm SOL-R Neutral 513.60.5159
6.38mm SOL-R Grey 503.60.5039


Duo Plus™ IGU
4mm SOL-R Clear 73 / 12 Argon / 4mm Clear1.70.6574
6mm SOL-R Clear 70 / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear1.70.6172
6mm SOL-R Neutral 53 / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear1.60.4453
6.38mm SOL-R Clear 73 / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear1.60.6373
6.38mm SOL-R Neutral 51 / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear1.60.4352
6.38mm SOL-R Grey 50 / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear1.60.4134

Visual Options

  • Clear
  • Neutral
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue