Special laminated glass which reduces noise more effectively than ordinary glass.


Acousta™ is a Grade “A” laminated safety glass that uses a specially developed interlayer which dampens noise more effectively than ordinary glass. This patented system targets sounds in the 1000-3000Hz range which is the most sensitive range for human hearing that allows the most irritating of sounds to come through windows.

  • Reduces noise more effectively than ordinary glass;
  • Targets sounds in most sensitive range of human hearing;
  • Grade “A” laminated safety glass.

Residential and commercial glazing.

Clear 6.50/ 8.50/ 10.50 & 12.50mm

Grey and other colours on application

A common misconception is that standard float IGU’s are better at noise reduction. This is not always the case. Where IGU’s are not specifically required, single Acousta™ laminated glass is better than standard float IGU’s. For more information download here.

  • Select Acousta™ Laminated Grade A Safety Glass.
  • Select appropriate thickness and process;
  • Laminated Annealed, Heat Strengthened or Toughened Laminated in both single and IGU;
  • All glass to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively to the following Australian Standards;

AS 1288 Glass in buildings – Selection and installation

AS 2208 Safety glazing materials in buildings

AS 4666 Insulating glass units

AS/NZS 4667 Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass

AS 1170 Wind & Structural Design Actions


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