At National Glass you can 'Custom Build' your architectural glass panels - increase energy efficiency, improve strength and reduce noise. You can also add decorative elements with coloured interlayers.


A coloured interlayer system enabling laminated glass to be produced in a wide range of colours.
Durable pre-painted glass, which can be cut and toughened immediately for efficient delivery.
Most commonly used as privacy screening and to diffuse morning light. Supplied as a white coloured translucent option, but can also be combined with other colour interlayers.
For a frosted or satin look glass that offers a degree of translucency and privacy.
Choose an image or pattern to use for your next project from our themes library.
Design your own image, using your own artwork or photo - the possibilities are limitless.

Energy Efficiency

Sunergy® glass is a toned low-E coated glass, combining improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.
Low-E clear laminated is a highly transparent low-e coated glass providing improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.
Evantage™ has been designed for buildings that require high-level solar control and the insulating benefits of a low-E coating.

Noise Reduction

Acousta™ Laminated glass uses a specially formulated interlayer which is very effective in reducing noise.

Structural & Strength

Sentry Glas® Plus interlayers are used where standard PVB laminated glass fails to meet load and impact demands imposed.
Laminating toughened or heat strengthened glass for high strength, structural or wind load requirements.