Centennial Building American Samoa

Glazing for the fiercest climatic conditions

The Centennial Building is located in the remote south pacific of Pago Pago, American Samoa. The initial enquiry came through Fletcher Constructions NZ, who was having trouble finding someone to take on the challenging brief set by Lively Architects.

Originally a supply only project, it became a supply and install project involving the complicated logistics of delivering product and accommodating glazing contractors from Australia.

Part of the brief was to have an energy efficient and cyclone resistant glazing using a frameless structural point fixed system. After extensive engineering, a Sentry Glas® Plus (SGP) multi-laminated glass was selected. SGP was chosen for its superior strength over standard laminated interlayers and the fact that SGP laminated window systems meet the demanding hurricane codes of Southern Florida.

The thickness of the multi-laminated is 30.56mm, consisting of an outer blue coloured panel of 10mm Azuria toughened/ 1 @ 2.28mm SGP interlayer / 1 @ 10mm Clear Toughened/ 1 @ 2.28mm SGP interlayer with 6mm Low-E on the inside. These panels were bolted to custom made stainless steel posts anchored to the building structure to cope with the expected cyclonic events. The main feature window opening is over 9 metres high in total. Smaller sized window openings are glazed in 13.52mm toughened laminated with conventional PVB interlayers, which satisfy the extreme wind load pressures.


Lively Architects
Sentry Glas®, Toughened Glass, Low-E Clear