Riley Hotel Cairns

Structural resilience without design compromise

‘Custom built’ laminated glass panels selected for challenging environment

The Riley Hotel located on the beautiful Cairns Esplanade is an ideal destination to get away to or to simply enjoy the hotel surrounds and splendid views. The most recent updates to the hotel façade included the installation of overhead roof glass panels incorporating an ImageTek™ SKY digitally printed design in a 17.52mm Toughened Laminated panel. Extra Clear was chosen as the glass substrate for ‘extra clarity’ and through vision of the print design. The glazing design consisted of exposed and some unsupported glass edges, requiring an interlayer that can withstand weathering and structural demands. With the location and region being tropical and cyclonic, SentryGlas® was chosen as an ideal interlayer to meet these demanding conditions. The ImageTek™ range utilises digital ceramic paints fused into the glass during toughening to ensure lasting vibrancy and photorealistic colour, enabling higher degrees of quality, design and functional performance.


ImageTek™, Custom Laminated Glass

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