Energy Efficiency

Low-E Clear

Low-E Clear is a highly transparent low-E coated glass providing improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.

Using the sun’s energy for winter comfort

In colder climates, Low-E Clear glass allows for a room or building to be passively heated by reflecting heat back into the room. For warmer climates, when combined in an insulated glass unit with a toned or tinted glass, Low-E Clear provides superior solar control, thermal insulation and improved energy efficiency over standard single glazing.

Glazing Type

  • Single monolithic
  • Insulated Glass

Performance Swipe icon

Single MonolithicU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
4mm Low-E Clear3.70.7483
6mm Low-E Clear3.60.7183


Insulated GlassU-valueSHGCVisible Light %
4mm Low-E Clear / 12mm Argon Gap / 4mm Clear1.60.6876
6mm Low-E Clear / 12mm Argon Gap / 6mm Clear1.60.6273

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