Realise Your Architectural Vision

Custom Laminated Glass

Custom build architectural glass panels to meet energy, noise, safety and strength requirements

Realise your architectural vision

Custom Laminated Glass allows the building of different glass and interlayer components in the one panel of glass. This ‘customisation’ can be used for unique architectural demands or for everyday building solutions. This mixing of components can solve one, many or all requirements.

Laminated glass is made by bonding together two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer called PVB or poly vinyl butyral. Interlayer thickness varies between 0.38mm to 1.52mm or thicker to suit particular applications.


Custom Laminated Glass can provide solutions for:

> Add Solar Control interlayers
> Add Energy rated glass

> Add Acousta™ interlayers

> Add thicker security interlayers

Structural & Strength
> Add SentryGlas® (SGP) interlayer for superior performance
> Add Stormsafe panels

> Add colour or design through glass, interlayer or digital print selection

Glazing Type

  • Laminated Glass
  • Laminated Glass within insulated glass unit